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Updating your home can sometimes seem like a bit of a daunting task. You may want to refresh your interior or keep up with the latest style trends, but knowing where to start isn’t always easy. Thankfully, there are many affordable home improvement ideas for the UK that you can easily implement. We take a look at why you should update your home, how you can do so on a budget, and give some inspiration for interior and exterior improvements.

Why Should You Update Your Home?

There are many reasons you may want to make renovations at home. One of the most common reasons is simply to make your space more enjoyable and comfortable. Even the smallest changes, such as painting a room, can brighten your home and improve your mood.

Whether you’re trying to make your house more in line with the latest trends or improve its functionality, making changes can make you feel more relaxed and at home.

House exterior updated

Of course, house refurbishment can also add value to your property. Whether you’re looking to sell in the near or more distant future, updating your home interior or exterior can increase its market worth.

Renovating Your House – Where to Start?

Once you’ve decided that a home DIY project is for you, it’s time to start making preparations for the refurbishment. There are a few aspects you’ll need to bear in mind while you’re planning:

  • The cost. For each project, make sure to research how much you’ll need to spend on materials, tools, and any specialist tradespeople. Add an extra 10-20% for any extra expenses. You also need to plan for how you’ll finance the work, whether it’s cash, a loan, or credit.

Array of tools for home refurbishment

  • The time. Work out how long your project will take. A smaller one, such as adding new shelves, may only take a day. A more thorough undertaking, such as re-decorating an entire room, could take days to weeks. Plan appropriately and give your self a little extra time.
  • Tools and materials. Make sure you have everything you need before you begin updating your home. Your basic toolbox should have a hammer, screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, utility knife, handsaw, pliers, and a tape measure. You’ll also need safety gear, as well as nails, tape, plaster, and paint.

Updating Your Home on a Budget

If you’re unsure whether updating your home is the right idea, it’s worth knowing that there are many ways you can DIY on a budget, and home decor in an affordable way. Here are some cheap home improvement ideas:

  • Research. There is a wealth of online guides, free how-to videos and other great resources. You don’t necessarily have to pay for consultations if you can work out the details yourself.

Updating home on a budget with DIY

  • Shop around. Chain DIY stores are often expensive, but there are deals to be had elsewhere. Whether you’re looking for second-hand tools or leftover materials, sites like eBay and Gumtree can help you save a few quid.
  • Borrow. If you find you’re missing some of the tools you need, don’t be afraid to ask friends or relatives for a loan. Just make sure you return it once you’re done!

When you’re planning on updating your home, you may be wondering which parts to start with. That choice depends on what your overall intention is. Updating your interior can give you a cosy and calming space while adding value. Updating your exterior can give your property kerb appeal while giving you a relaxing environment to enjoy.


One of the easiest ways to add value to your home is to give your kitchen a facelift. You don’t have to splash loads of cash on an entirely new kitchen either – painting cabinets, replacing fixtures, or adding a new sink can give it a new lease of life. However, it can often be a big project that can disrupt your routine at home.


Adding new windows can make a huge difference to your home’s façade. Whether it’s adding a modern or a traditional twist, it can add real value, updating your home. It can also bring some character to the outside of your property. Such a project needs either approval from your local authority or needs to be carried out by a FENSA-registered installer.

updated patio glass doors leading out to back garden

Expert Tips on Improving Your Home

Hopefully, you’ve now got some vague ideas on your home refurbishment project. To help you solidify these ideas, we’ve outlined some expert tips to give you some inspiration:

Reupholster your cushions 

Add a splash of colour to your living room or bedroom by recovering your existing cushions. You can find all kinds of fabrics and colours, so try a few swatches to see what works. Combined with a lick of paint on the wall, it can go a long way to updating your home.

Throw and pillows on grey couch

Add some patio furniture 

To create a relaxing and inviting outdoor space, some new or upscaled patio furniture can work wonders. It gives you space to sit and relax, whether you’re enjoying some alone time or entertaining guests.

Recycle your frames 

You can add some real character to a room by adding new art, posters, or prints to your wall. The best part is, if you’ve got some old frames hanging around the place, you can easily renovate them by sanding them down and starting again in a new colour.

DIY old frames in vivid colours

Add some string lights 

To bring some mood lighting to your patio or garden, string lights or Edison bulbs are always a safe bet. Not only do they look great, but they’re also an affordable way of illuminating your outdoor space.

String lights hung in back garden

Revitalise your furniture 

If your wooden furniture is starting to look a bit faded, why not give it a new lease of life? Working with what you already have can save you money, is good for the environment, and can look fantastic.

Wooden dresser updated

Update your front door

Your front door can say a lot about your house. Whether you’re replacing your old door or repainting your existing one, it can show you take pride in the appearance of your home. It’s the first thing people see, after all.

updating exterior doors

Start Your Project

Hopefully, you’re now brimming with ideas for some DIY projects to start updating your home. If taking care of your home is important to you, then improving it is a must. So why not let the professionals do it? Contact us to help you right away.

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